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Upload a student roster to GradeHub

The second method to have students included in your GradeHub roster is to add them by uploading a spreadsheet.

  1. Download your roster from your LMS. Ensure the first row includes headers (e.g., Student ID, Name, Email, etc) and the student information starts in the second row (e.g., 1234, Mary Smith,, respectively). For Canvas users, delete the second row ("Possible Points") in the standard roster export from the Canvas Gradebook.
  2. Save the Excel, Google Sheet, or other spreadsheet formats into a CSV file
  3. Log in to GradeHub
  4. Select the class you want to view
  5. Select the Manage Students button
  6. Next, select the Import button to upload students.
  7. The Import Student pop-up will appear, select or drag and drop your CSV file for import. Students to import will appear in a CSV format in the box. If your CSV file contains headers keep the check in the "My csv file has headers" checkbox. Alternatively, if your import file does not contain headers uncheck the box.
  8. Select the Next button to begin matching entered students to the roster fields in GradeHub.
  9. As you map the information, the CSV data will appear in the table with the IDEmail, and Name fields needed in the GradeHub roster. Select Submit if you're satisfied with the roster you've created. The GradeHub "Name" field can be created by <full name><last name, first name>, or a combination of <first name> and <last name>. You will need to upload an email to communicate grade information to students. Note: you do not have to map all CSV fields you've uploaded from your LMS.
  10. Once you've reviewed the mapped fields and are satisfied that it is ready to go, select the submit button to upload to and finalize the roster in GradeHub.
  11. Students will be notified after submit and upload is completed.
  12. Note: a student must be on the GradeHub roster for the answer sheet to be scored.

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