GradeHub for Canvas - Teacher overview

As you can see in the screenshots and video, our team went to great lengths to create an experience that is familiar, convenient, and powerful. Classes, rosters, exams, and grades are all automatically synchronized. We also designed the flow so that the experience for instructors is seamless.

GradeHub is designed to help testing centers and IT teams provide a modern exam scanning service that is welcomed by instructors and students

How it Works

Gradehub within Canvas

Step 1 - use your same testUse your same test

Instructors use their same test (probably a Word document), so the transition for instructors to GradeHub is effortless.

Create answer sheets all within CanvasCreate and upload answer sheets all within Canvas

Link GradeHub to your course in Canvas. Then create a new “Assignment” in Canvas for your upcoming exam (e.g., Final), select GradeHub as the “Submission Type.”

GradeHub for Canvas - Create Exam

That is it. GradeHub automatically creates answer sheets for all of the students in the class (i.e., your Canvas roster).

Before the exam, have students print out their GradeHub answer sheet from Canvas or instructors can print blank answer sheets too. Student answer sheets are prefilled to avoid mismarked student IDs. To print answer sheets, simply choose the “Assignment” in Canvas and select the PDF icon from GradeHub.

After testing, collect the answer sheets just like scantrons. Bring the answer sheets to your exam scanning service or instructors can upload answer sheets on their own too. All you need is a regular scanner. GradeHub reads multi-page PDF files to score your exam.

Score scantrons

Analyze GradeHub results in CanvasView reports and analyze results of answer sheets all within Canvas

Instructors can analyze the scored answer sheet data all within Canvas. Teachers can view answer sheets, make changes, or update an answer key. Corrections made in GradeHub recalculate reports automatically.

GradeHub provides exam statistics, percentiles, item analysis, and a missing student report, all available within Canvas.

GradeHub for Canvas - Analyze Exam Results

Sync Gradehub results with Canvas  Sync Gradehub results with Canvas

Once you’re satisfied with exam results, select the Release Grades button, and we automatically sync student grades to Canvas. Students love the feedback from GradeHub too!

GradeHub for Canvas - sync grades to gradebook

Instructor Tips Using GradeHub

  1. Create your assignment early enough for students to print their answer sheets
  2. Remind students to bring their answer sheet to class and to check ensure the sheet is printed correctly
  3. Right before the exam, instruct students to check their answer sheets for the black bracket on all corners of the answer sheet and that there was sufficient ink from the student's printer. If not, have the student obtain an extra answer sheet from the instructor.
  4. When scanning the filled-in answer sheets use the following settings: B&W, US Letter, and 200 DPI.
  5. Create an answer key before analyzing results.
  6. If there are student responses improperly completed, an icon will appear for you to verify the responses.
  7. After you've analyzed the exam and are satisfied with the results, select the release grades button as shown above.

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