GradeHub App - Step 5 - assign grades

Step 5 - assign grades

GradeHub allows you to assign grades as a raw score or custom scale. Once you determine the distribution type, GradeHub calculates grades, updates faculty reports, and provides students with their scores.

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Complete the Answer Key and Verify Responses steps
  3. Select the class and exam you want to assign grades
  4. Select the Assign Grades button under the exam (e.g., ECON 1 Introduction to Economics)

Assign raw scores without letter grades

  1. Select the Raw/No Grade radio button to provide students a raw point score only.
    1. Many teachers use this option when all points received from assignments, class participation, quizzes, and exams are accumulated, analyzed, and assigned a final letter grade based on a derived scale (e.g., a curve) at the end of the term.
  2. Select Release Grades


Assign grades on a scale

  1. Select the Standard/Custom radio button to view and assign grades on a standard (A, A-, B+...F) scale or your custom scale.
  2. The Grading Scale screen has columns for the GradeStart %, and distribution for the number/% of Students that will receive the respective grade.
  3. To assign grades on a Standard scale:
    1. Review the distribution 
    2. Next, select Release Grades
  4. To assign grades on a Custom scale:
    1. Select the Clear button to remove the Standard scale cut scores
    2. Enter the Grade (e.g., A, P, or any other value) and the lower cutoff percentage for the respective scale (e.g., 80 for an A, as shown below)
    3. To the left, notice the number and percentage of students that will receive the grade
    4. You can change the lower bound of each grade cutoff to create a custom scale or curve by inputting the cut score or using the up or down arrows.
    5. When you are satisfied with the custom distribution, select Release Grades.

Student Feedback

  1. Once you Release Grades, students receive instant feedback. We receive positive comments from students that the Exam Result report lets them know how they did on a particular exam and where they stand in the class throughout the term. The student Exam Results includes:
    1. Thier score - Raw/possible points (percentage)
    2. Average score
    3. Incorrect Responses - item number only
    4. Class histogram

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