GradeHub App - Step 1 - create or edit an answer key

Create an answer key

You can create or edit the answer key for an exam in GradeHub as followings:

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Select the green course link under My Courses to select the course you want to add an answer key.
  3. Select the green exam link within the course you create or edit an answer key.

  4. Select Edit Answer Keys 

  5. Create a key - select correct responses in a key

    1. Click the correct answers for each question and then select Save. The default option for multiple-choice responses is the student can choose one of a question's selected options (i.e., X) in the answer key to receive credit. You do not need to make changes to the response type (below) if you are using a single correct response for your question.
    2. As with most tests you write, the default in GradeHub’s answer key is that any student response matching one of the option(s) (i.e., A, B, C, D, or E) marked with an X will be counted as correct. You can change the response type in the answer key by clicking the asterisk  next to each question number and then an ampersand will appear. With the ampersand & showing, the student must select all of the options with an X to receive credit. For example, using the Answer Key below

      1. Question 1 ✮ (default)- the student received credit for A only
      2. Question 2 ✮ (default)- the student receives credit if B or C are selected (only one or both)
      3. Question 3 & (changed) – the student receives credit if both B & C are selected
        1. An example of our multiple-response-type feature using an Introduction to Accounting question follows:

          4. Which of the following affects both the balance sheet and the income statement?

            (A) Purchase of inventory

            (B) Amortization of prepaid insurance

            (C) Collection of accounts receivable

            (D) Retirement of a machine

            (E) Declaration of a cash dividend

          In the accounting question, above, let’s say you initially selected B as the only correct answer. Amortization of prepaid insurance clearly affects both the balance sheet and income statement. After the test, a student points out that D is also correct for question number 4 under certain circumstances. Machine retirements may affect both the income statement and balance sheet if the machine is not fully depreciated. Since you didn’t clarify if the machine was fully depreciated or not, you decide to give credit for D too.  At this point, all you need to do in GradeHub is to go back into your key and select both B and D, and then press “save.” All students that responded B or D will be given credit for answering question 4 correctly and all reports are recalculated automatically.

  6. Create answer keys for multiple versions of a test

    1. You can add up to 5 test versions of a given test.
    2. To create a new answer key for a test version select the Answer Key drop-down box.
      1. The default answer key for a single test version is Answer Key "A."
      2. Add additional test versions with the Answer Key B through E options.
      3. Follow step 4.1 above to create the new answer key.

      4. Student answer sheets

        1. When students take the test and mark a test version (see example below), GradeHub automatically applies the marked key. If there is only one test key, GradeHub automatically assumes Answer Key “A.” 
        2. There’s no need to sort your test by key before scanning.
        3. You can change the key marked by the student after testing or add a key for those students that forgot to indicate the test version in the Student Analysis and Correction report. Here is a sample of the blank answer sheet. When students print their forms, we automatically complete their name and student ID to eliminate bubbling errors that frequently occur with student IDs.

  7. Edit answer keys

    1. You can change the key at any time, and GradeHub will re-score your test automatically.
  8. Once you're done creating your answer key, you can move onto the next step and upload student tests - see Step 2 - upload student tests for instructions.

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