Scanning answer sheets on Gradehub

Scanning answer sheets

With GradeHub, answer sheets can be scanned with off-the-shelf scanners or multifunction printers.


Steps to scan your tests:

  1. Tip: If scanning from your desk, it is preferable but not required to scan without image enhancement. Many desktop scanning applications alter images. For example on a mac, you can access System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and use Apple's scanning software.
  2. Adjust your scanner settings:
    1. Select file type–PDF
    2. Save location–folder set up in 2.a. above (for example, Econ_101_final)
    3. Resolution–200 dpi
    4. Output type–Black & White
    5. Page size–8 ½ x 11 or US letter
    6. Image correction–None
    7. Combine into single document
  3. Place answer sheets in an automatic document feeder, if available, or place each test on scanner individually.
    1. To create straight images, make sure the paper guide is snug for an ADF or that you are placing answer sheets snug in the aliged corner for manual scanning.
  4. Scan answer sheets to a multipage PDF to your desired location (for example, Econ_101_final)
  5. As a general rule, a single multipage PDF batch should be less than 100 pages. GradeHub recommends batches of approximately 50 sheets at a time.

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