GradeHub App - Manually add students to GradeHub

Add students manually to GradeHub

The first method to have students included in your GradeHub roster is to add them manually.

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Select the class you want to view
  3. Select the Manage Students button
  4. Next, select the Import button to begin adding a student.
  5. Manually add a student's ID, email, and first and last name separated by commas. To add more than one student, enter each student on a sperate line by using the return on your keyboard. For example, type the following to add these two students:

    1234567,, Ted Finch
    9878787,, Sandra Tsu
  6. Select the Next button to begin matching entered students to the roster fields in GradeHub.
  7. As you map the information, the CSV data will be shown as the ID, Email, and Name fields used in the GradeHub roster. Select Submit if you're satisfied with the roster you created.
  8. Note: a student must be on the GradeHub roster for the answer sheet to be scored.

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