GradeHub for Canvas - Instructor training series - Answer Sheets

GradeHub for Canvas Instructor Training - Answer Sheets

Hi, I’m Mark from GradeHub, and we’re glad you’re here.

In this teacher training series, we’ll go over how to create an exam that is scored with GradeHub answer sheets. We’ve prepared a few short videos. You can watch all of them for an overview and come back to watch as a specific video before you start a task. The steps covered in this series include how to:

  • Create an assignment linked to GradeHub
  • Print answer sheets
  • Complete answer sheets
  • Create an answer key
  • Scan and upload answer sheets
  • Review exam results, and last
  • Sync grade back to Canvas

If you would like to review how to interpret statistical reports, check out the videos I made with Dr. Jennifer Balogh, author of A Practical Guide to Creating Quality Exams: Validity, Reliability, and Overall Exam Statistics; Percentiles and Distributions; and Analyzing questions.

Let’s get started.

Create an assignment linked to GradeHub

Key pointers in this video:

  • Use the +Assignment button in Canvas to create a GradeHub exam
  • Select GradeHub as your external tool provider
  • The due date is required
  • Unselect "Everyone" and assign the exam to your class or a given section

Print answer sheets

Key pointers in this video

  • You can print answer sheets in black and white
  • Ensure brackets are visible on each corner of the answer sheet
  • Have sufficient ink in your printer

Completing answer sheets

Key pointers in this video:

  • Use a black or blue pen
  • Answer with an X
  • Correct with an ⬛️ over an X
  • Change an answer back by making a larger X over a correction

Create an answer key

Key pointers in this video:

  • For multiple-choice questions with a single response, enter A through E as the correct response.
  • Select the + sign on Advanced to access advanced scoring options
  • Use the answer key drop down to create multiple answer keys

Scan and upload answer sheets

Key pointers in this video:

  • Your scanner should have the following settings
    • Black & White
    • 200 DPI
    • Letter size
    • PDF (multipage)
  • Select the upload arrow to upload your answer sheets
  • View the upload status table to see if your processing is finished

Review exam results

Key pointers in this video:

  • Select the Analyze Students button to review the student report
  • Select the Analyze Exam button to review your test statistics and item analysis
    • Under the Summary statistics tab, you can download a CSV file of the Student Responses and Item Analysis.

Sync grades to Canvas

Key pointers in this video:

  • Select the Assign Grades button to sync grades back to Canvas

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