Import an Answer Key

Import an Answer Key

Create an answer key in a CSV file

  1. You can prepare a CSV file to import your key in one of three ways:
    1. Create an answer key in Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel and save it as a CSV file then import the CSV file to GradeHub
    2. Export an empty answer key from GradeHub, fill it out, then import it as a CSV file
    3. Export the CSV file from GradeHub from a previously created answer key
  2. Each method uses a CSV file typically viewed through a spreadsheet, such as Excel. An example file format is provided below.

  3. The CSV file has column headers in row and values for each item (i.e., question)
    1. The first column is the question (ITEM #)
    2. Column two is the correct response to each question (EXPECTED)
    3. Column three is the question type (TYPE)
      1. " * " TYPE - if the TYPE is "*," then a student that selects any value in the EXPECTED column will receive credit for the answer. For example, if a student selects "A" on her answer sheet for item #1, she will receive credit for the response. Similarly, if a student selects "A" or "B" for item #2, she will receive credit for the question
      2. " & " TYPE - if the TYPE is "&," then a student must select ALL the values in the EXPECTED column to receive credit. For example, if a student selects A and B for item #5, she will receive credit. If the student selected just "A" or "A" and "C," then she would not receive credit for the question.
  4. Complete the information for your exam in a spreadsheet application and then save the spreadsheet as a CSV file for upload to GradeHub. 


Import an Answer Key from a CSV file


  1. Choose Your Exam and Click Edit Answer Key
  2. The Answer Key Pop-up will appear, choose Import.

  3. Choose the answer key you want to import by selecting the Browse file button or using the drag-and-drop box.
  4. Answer key to import will appear in a CSV Format in the box.

  5. Review the information for import and select Next to begin matching your CSV file fields to GradeHub's required fields.
  6.  As you map the information, the CSV column headers from the uploaded file will appear on the left with the GradeHub required fields for mapping on the right-hand side. Map the fields you uploaded to the fields in GradeHub by the three drop-down boxes on the right.
    1. Map the question to "<item #>"
    2. Map answer to each question to "<expected value>"
    3. Map question type to "<type>"
      1. Note: type is optional if all questions are "*" (see above)
    4. Click Submit, and you will be directed to the Answer Key pop-up where the answer key is automatically filled out.

    5. Note: Double check if the Answer Key is correct as well as the Answer Key version. 
    6. Click Save to finish importing your answer key.

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