GradeHub for Canvas - How to setup GradeHub in Canvas

How to setup GradeHub in Canvas

Before you begin, you'll need to have your GradeHub admin login and have admin login access in Canvas. It is easiest if you have two tabs open in your web browser, one for Canvas and the other for GradeHub.


A numeric SIS_userID with a maximum length of 10 characters and an email address is required in Canvas for all student accounts.

To install the GradeHub plugin for Canvas:

Step 1 — Turn on the GradeHub Developer Key

  1. Within the Canvas Admin Settings navigate to the ‘Developer Keys’ section and select the ‘Inherited’ tab.
  2. These are all keys for products & services that have passed Instructure’s stringent security evaluation process to be packaged ‘out-of-the-box’ with Canvas. You no longer need to manually create a Developer Key for GradeHub, as a member of the Canvas Partner Program it now comes bundled with every Canvas instance and simply needs to be activated.
  3. Ensure that you’ve selected the ‘ON’ State before proceeding to configure Canvas API access within GradeHub. Take special note of the ‘Client ID’ number (170000000000544) for GradeHub, as you will need that along with the Key Secret (obtained directly from GradeHub support) to complete the configuration process in the GradeHub UI.

Step 2 — Login to your GradeHub Admin Account and Initiate the OAuth2 Permissions Flow

Click on the “Settings” button for your Organization; this will Launch the Integrations Configuration modal window.

  1. Ensure that you are using the Client ID and Secret from the Inherited Developer Key you enabled for GradeHub in Step 1. 
    The URL field should be that of your own Canvas account.
  2. If you haven’t already generated your LTI Launch key set, please do so now — you will need to supply these values in your GradeHub LTI App configuration in Canvas.
  3. Finally, once all the fields are populated appropriately, click the “Activate” button to initiate the OAuth2 Permission Flow. This will open a new tab, so ensure that your browser is not blocking that behavior before proceeding.

Step 3 — Grant GradeHub access to your Canvas Account on your behalf. 

Please note that this step should only be performed by an IT Admin user for the Canvas account. GradeHub uses OAuth to identify & authenticate a single Admin User through which to programmatically manage & execute its Canvas integration activities.  Select “Authorize” to proceed. You should now observe a message stating that the permissions have been established, and you may close out the tab opened by the OAuth process.

Step 4 — Return to Canvas to add GradeHub LTI App and confirm

1. Select Admin > Settings > Apps and then type GradeHub in the search bar
2. Click on the GradeHub tile
3. Select + App
 4. Copy the Consumer Key and Shared secret from GradeHub in Step 3 above to the Canvas window below
3. For the GradeHub App just added, select Edit under the Cog icon in Canvas to confirm your configuration.

Step 5 - Add GradeHub Online

  1. Repeat "Step 4 - Return to Canvas to add GradeHub LTI App and confirm"
  2. For Add App - Name GradeHub Online
  3. For the GradeHub App just added, select Edit under the Cog icon in Canvas to update the configuration.
  4. Cut and paste the following group of custom fields



Please note that if during the preceding steps you created or updated your LTI Consumer Key or Shared Secret in GradeHub you will want to ensure they are recorded here.

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