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Hi, I'm Mark from GradeHub, and we're glad you're here.

In this teacher training series, we'll go over how to create an exam that students take online in Canvas. We've prepared a few short videos. You can watch all of them for an overview and come back to watch as a specific video before you start a task. The steps covered in this series include how to:

  • Create an online assignment linked to GradeHub
  • Create an answer key
  • Schedule the exam
  • Upload the exam as a PDF
  • Students take the exam in Canvas.
  • Review exam results, and last
  • Sync grade back to Canvas

If you would like to review how to interpret statistical reports, check out the videos I made with Dr. Jennifer Balogh, author of A Practical Guide to Creating Quality Exams: Validity, Reliability, and Overall Exam Statistics; Percentiles and Distributions; and Analyzing questions.

Let's get started.

Create an Assignment in Canvas

Key pointers in this video:

  • Use the +Assignment button in Canvas to create a GradeHub exam.
  • Select GradeHub Online as your external tool provider
  • The due date is required.
  • Unselect "Everyone" and assign the exam to your class or a given section.

Create an answer key

Key pointers in this video:

  • For multiple-choice questions with a single response, enter A through E as the correct response.
  • Select the + sign on Advanced to access advanced scoring options
  • See the Answer Key article of the help section for more information on Advanced options.

Schedule the test

Key pointers in this video:

  • Schedule a time sufficient time to account for internet speeds and connection problems

Upload your exam as a PDF

Key pointers in this video:

  • Export your exam as a multipage PDF (e.g., Word or Google Docs)
  • Upload the PDF of the exam to GradeHub using the upload box
  • Select "Student Preview" to see how the exam will look to students on test day

Students take the exam in Canvas

Key pointers in this video:

  • Students take the exam in Canvas during the scheduled time.

Review exam results

Key pointers in this video:

  • Select the Analyze Students button to review the student report
  • Select the Analyze Exam button to review your test statistics and item analysis

Sync grades to Canvas

Key pointers in this video:

  • Select the Assign Grades button to sync grades back to Canvas

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