GradeHub for Canvas Online - How to create an exam (assignment)

Create an online exam (assignment) in GradeHub for Canvas

Seamlessly integrated, GradeHub allows instructors to administer an online multiple-choice all within Canvas, all in seconds. Classes, rosters, exams, and grades are all automatically synchronized to eliminate errors, save time, streamline administration, improve security, and promote timely feedback to instructors and students.

  1. How to create an exam:
  2. Link GradeHub Online to your course in Canvas.
    1. Then create a new Assignment in Canvas for your upcoming exam (e.g., Final)
    2. Select GradeHub as the Submission Type.
    3. Change Assign to from "Everybody" to a single section or if all of your students are in a single course to the course name
    4. Select a "due" date. Note: GradeHub Online has a separate "Schedule Test" button where you will schedule the exam.
    5. Note: the external tool, assign to, and due date are required to launch GradeHub in your course in Canvas.



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