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Exam statistics in Blackboard

Under the Analyze Exam button, there are a variety of reports to review your exam results.

  1. Select the Analyze Exam button to review reports


  1. The Summary tab of the Analyze Results view includes:
    1. Test Reliability using a Cronbach's Alpha internal measure of test reliability, which determines the consistency of a test. The higher the reliability, the more likely you would produce similar results administering the same test to the same class
    2.  The class Mean and Highest and Lowest Scores
    3. The Standard Deviation, which is the percentage spread of scores from the mean. A smaller standard deviation means scores are "tightly" spread around the mean. Whereas, a high standard deviation indicates a large variation in exam results.
    4. Use the Export to drop-down to export exam results to a CSV file.


Distribution table

  1. Select the Distribution tab to view a distribution of scores in 10% increments

Score percentiles table

  1. Select the Percentile tab to view score percentiles sorted from largest to smallest scores.

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