GradeHub for Blackboard Online - Create an online exam

Create an online exam (Content) in GradeHub for Blackboard

Seamlessly integrated, GradeHub allows instructors to create, print, grade, and analyze multiple-choice tests taken on GradeHub–Answer Sheets all within Blackboard. Classes, rosters, exams, and grades are all automatically synchronized to eliminate errors, save time, streamline administration, improve security, and promote timely feedback to instructors and students.

  1. How to create an exam:
  2. Instructors use their same test (probably a Word document), so the transition for instructors to GradeHub is effortless.
  3. Select the Course you want GradeHub to score an exam for you.
    1. Then "Build Content" in Blackboard for your upcoming exam (e.g., Final) and select "GradeHub Exam."

    2. Now you can "Create" a "GradeHub Exam" to be graded in Blackboard. Give the new "Content" (i.e., GradeHub Exam) a "Name" (i.e., Quiz 1) and assign "Points Possible" then save.



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