GradeHub for Blackboard - Verify responses

Verify responses in Blackboard

GradeHub scores the answer sheets you’ve uploaded to the reader automatically. However, when students mismark their student ID or make poor corrections to responses, GradeHub will occasionally flag the marks and ask you to verify the student’s intended response or input the correct student ID.

  1. Upload answer sheets and complete the answer key(s) before proceeding to mark verification.
  2. Select the class and exam you want to process
  3. If marks for student IDs or responses cannot be determined with a high degree of confidence, GradeHub will indicate the number of answer sheets requiring attention on a badge beside the Verify Responses button.

  4. Select Verify Responses to review questionable marks and/or wrong student IDs.
  5. How to verify marks:

    1. An answer sheet with poorly completed marks is queued for your review. The possible marks to verify include (i.e., red boxed areas):.
      1. Wrong student ID
      2. Missing test versions
      3. Poorly corrected student IDs, test version, or questions
    2. To make a correction, fill in the appropriate information outlined in green
      1. Typically, student ID errors are due to students marking the incorrect ID in the grid. Type in the student ID written above the marks, which is usually correct.
        1. If the ID is missing or wrong, use the name to find the student ID on the roster of your LMS.
        2. If both the name and student are missing, you can view students missing the exam under the Analyze Exam reports.
        3. GradeHub will update student information associated with the answer sheet if the ID typed matches the roster uploaded from your LMS when you initially set up the course.
        4. Note: a student must be on the roster for GradeHub to score an answer sheet.
      2. If a test version is missing or was poorly marked, it will be the first item in the response verification. Click the appropriate box with and an X will appear.
        1. Note: if there is only one test version, GradeHub automatically assumes the version is A.
        2. If the student omits the test version, you can edit the test version in the Analyze Students report tab. The student's score will be recalculated automatically against the selected key.
      3. Poorly filled answer sheet corrections are verified in the box outlined in green on the bottom of the screen.
    3. Once completed, select Confirm to save and proceed to the next answer sheet. You can also go back or skip.
    4. Continue the verify responses step until you’ve corrected all answer sheets in the verifier. The Verify Responses badge will disappear once all sheets have been verified.

  6. Once you're done verifying marks, you can move onto grading - see Step 4 - grade for instructions.

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