GradeHub for Blackboard - Upload Answer Sheets

GradeHub for Blackboard - upload student exams

Once you’ve gathered your students' answer sheets and scanned them, you can upload them to GradeHub for scoring.

  1. Scan answer sheets or have them email to your account from an MFP device - see scanning answer sheets for instructions
  2. Select the course and exam you want to process the answer sheets. IMPORTANT: When uploading answer sheets to GradeHub, all answer sheets are scored as the exam they are being uploaded to. ENSURE YOU HAVE SELECTED THE CORRECT EXAM.
  3. To upload the answer sheets, you’ll need to either select the upload icon or drag the PDF file(s) from your computer to the black upload icon. The icon will turn from black to green when files are being uploaded. 
  4. Once 4. above is completed, a message will appear that your file was received (i.e., "Upload received") by GradeHub.

    Depending on the size, it may take 5-30  minutes to process your answer sheets. You will be notified when the process is complete in the upload status table.
  5. Shortly after the upload, a notification on the  "Upload Status" button will show the number of batches (i.e., uploads) we are processing for the exam.
  6. Once the upload is completed, verify marks - see Verify marks for instructions

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