GradeHub App - Students Overview

How to use GradeHub

Here is an overview of the different components of the GradeHub student portal. You can log into the portal here

My courses

Under My Courses, you will see all of the classes where professors are using GradeHub to grade exams.




GradeHub allows you to create custom answer sheets and get detailed feedback on your exam results. To print an answer sheet before an exam and your grade after the test:

  1. Select a course from My Courses
  2. Select the red PDF icon for a specific Exam to download your answer sheet
  3. Note the printing instructions. GradeHub cannot score your answer sheet if it is not printed correctly for the correct exam. See printing tip here.
  4. Once your teacher has uploaded the answer sheets, GradeHub will score your exam and provide you with the results. Select the green exam hyperlink to view your Exam Results.
    1. You can print your Exam Results to discuss your test with your teacher of TA

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