GradeHub App - Getting Started

Teacher Overview using the GradeHub App w/o LMS integration

Note: if you are using GradeHub with Canvas or Blackboard, there is no need to log into GradeHub. Please view the Canvas or Blackboard help sites.


GradeHub allows you to manage all of your multiple-choice tests from one web portal. Liberate your time by using your current paper exams (e.g., tests that you already use with scantrons). Instead of purchasing answer sheets from the bookstore, students conveniently print answer sheets from their GradeHub portal.

When testing is finished, collect your student's completed answer sheets. Scan the answer sheets using a scanner, and then upload the scanned tests to GradeHub. If your testing center provides scanning services, you can provide them your answer sheets and results will appear in your portal.

GradeHub quickly and securely scores your test at the item, student, and class levels. Faculty and student reports are available instantly on GradeHub; anytime, anywhere.

With GradeHub, you get a simple, intuitive grading platform in the cloud, no proprietary test scanners and answer sheets, and powerful reports built right into your account.

Here are the steps to use GradeHub:

The process to use GradeHub is outlined below. For detailed information on each step, click on the link provided or review the Using GradeHub–Teachers section of the GradeHub Customer Support site.

  1. Sign up for GradeHub
  2. Create a course
  3. Add or upload students into a roster
  4. Create an exam
  5. Just in case students forget theirs, print out extra answer sheets before the exam
  6. Remind students to follow instructions on completing answer sheets
  7. Collect answer sheets
  8. Scan answer sheets
  9. Complete grading steps
    1. Create a key
    2. Upload answer sheets and check the upload status.
    3. Verify marks
    4. Assign grades
  10. Review reports
  11. Export results

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