GradeHub App - Download and print extra answer sheets

Download and print extra answer sheets from the GradeHub App


Download and print extra answer sheets from GradeHub just in case students forget to bring theirs on test day.

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Select the â€œPDF” icon to download the extra answer sheets for printing.
  3. Note: in the teacher and student portals, the PDF icon for the upcoming exam is in red. The PDF icon for past and exams after the upcoming exam are in grey. A warning is presented if you are about to print answer sheets for an exam other than the upcoming test.
  4. Follow the instructions on the Printing Instructions screen to Download the extra answer sheets in a PDF file.
  5. As indicated in the Printing Instructions, missing bracket, the wrong answer sheet, or printing with little to no ink will result in your test(s) not being scored. Check for the following:
    1. The answer sheets were printed with brackets in each corner
    2. You've downloaded the correct exam
    3. Your printer has sufficient ink to be read by GradeHub
  6. Answer sheets may be printed in black & white or color.
  7. Use "scale to fit" in your printer settings if the brackets are not fully printed on the answer sheets (see above).
  8. Although they look identical, each answer sheet in GradeHub is unique: Note:
    1. Don't photocopy a single answer sheet for distribution
    2. Don't give an answer sheet with the same serial number to more than one student.

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