GradeHub for Canvas - Completing your answer sheet

Completing your answer sheet

Read the instructions on how to fill out your answer sheet correctly

  1. Mark a dark X for correct answers
  2. Darken a box thoroughly for corrections (i.e., 100%)
  3. Use a black or blue pen or thin felt tip.
    1. Note: light marks and poor corrections can affect your score
  4. Here is an example:
    1. Mark an X for correct answers (e.g., questions 1, 4, and 5)
    2. If you change your mind on an answer, mark a big X over the intended response (e.g., question 2.B)
    3. Correction are darkened completely (e.g., question 2.D.)
    4. Blanks are scored as no response (e.g., question 3). Hint: unless there is a penalty, don't leave blanks.



Ensure your answer sheet has a bracket in each corner

  1. Your answer sheet must have brackets in each corner for GradeHub to process your test.
  2. At test time, if you notice that your answer sheet is misprinted (i.e., without brackets) or was accidentally printed for the wrong exam, ask the professor for an extra answer sheet and discard the test answer sheet you printed.

Completing the top section of your answer sheet

  1. If you are using an answer sheet provided by your professor, you must also fill out your name and mark your student ID
  2. For a test with more than one test version, mark an X of the test version. If there is only one test version, you can leave the boxes blank.


Take the test and provide your completed answer sheets to your professor

  1. Your professor will provide you a written test and have you mark responses to questions on the answer sheets similar to the way testing is done with scantrons.
    1. Unlike scantrons, an X represents the correct answers and darkened boxes are for corrections.
    2. Although GradeHub has algorithms to handle a variety of circumstances to ensure your corrections are recorded, the GradeHub reader works best when corrections are completely filled in (i.e., 100%).
    3. Occasionally, students write very lightly. Again, GradeHub can read light marks but works best with darker ink marks.
  2. Once you've completed the test, turn in your answer sheets to your teacher for scoring.

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