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Check upload status in Canvas

After your answer sheet upload(s) are received, a badge will appear on the "Upload Status" button. The number on the badge represents the number of "batches" that are being processed. A batch is equivalent to the PDF file uploaded in Step 2 - upload answer sheets.

There are various processing steps taken to score a given exam. After completion, a green checkmark appears for a given step. The possible outcomes in the upload status table are as follows:

  1. Finished - the upload has entered the final processing step. Your results for this batch are ready or will be ready in less than a minute.
  2. Analyze error - we have detected that this batch is a duplicate of a previous upload or the batch includes an answer sheet that was previously processed. Click on the error and simply select "resume" to continue processing. GradeHub will replace previous scores with the new scores in this batch.
  3. Score error - we detected one or more answer sheets that could not be scored. Typically, a scoring error occurs when an answer sheet was printed without the black brackets in each corner or the print quality of the answer sheet was extremely poor (i.e., nearly no ink). Click on the error message and you can view the answer sheet(s) that could not be scored. To avoid "score errors" you should provide students with clear instructions to check their answer sheets before they take the exam. If their answer sheet is not printed properly, they should discard the answer sheet and get a blank answer sheet from the examiner.
  4. To grade answer sheets with "score errors:"
    1. You remark the answer sheet with an unused blank answer sheet that you can download for the same exam
    2. Hand score the answer sheet



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